Once upon a time, there were boring and scary public bathrooms, where people did not like to go to piss and to do other things that it's better not to say because kids are listening. Why oh why we can not go to a public bathroom with a big smile on our faces? Whyy? Whyy? This situation has to stop! We can not continue to have fear to go to our public bathrooms, we can not continue to be sad while going to the public toilet, we want to go to piss and make big smiles! What can we do? What can we do? Everyday millions of people need to go to the public bathrooms and they dream of the day when a smile is waiting for them in the corner of those toilets, hoping for the happiness that seems to have forgot those places..



But WAIT! There is something strange in there.. something colorful.. something cute.. something i have never seen before! What are those rainbow things that appear out of nowhere in our public bathrooms? Why are they in there? What are they? WTF? I dont know why, but i'm starting to smile! Ooooh beautiful happy smile, long long gone, are you back to bring me happiness? Happiness? In my public toilets? OMG!!111

When every hope was lost, when we tough that our public bathrooms were doomed, a sparkly shining rainbow came to save us all, to bring us a shining smile of happy happiness! Rainbow Kats to the rescue! No one knows where they came from, no one understand why they came to save us, but everyone finally has find a smile when they enter in public bathrooms, everyone is happy to go to piss, public toilets are no more scary! Rainbow Kats are a group of little happy kitties that have the power of the colors of the rainbow, they have courage, cuteness, ticks and super secret special powers! They came to our boring and scary public bathrooms to bring back a smile to our faces, they are here to make us happy, they are here for us!


Public bathrooms will never be boring or scary again! There's a new hope! There are Rainbow Kats! If you are lucky enough, you too can find some Rainbow Kats in your favourite public toilet and then, a big smile will grow in your face, making you happy happy happy happy and you will be happy happy happy to piss in that bathroom. Well, at least if you live in Italy, 'cause Rainbow Kats love pizza and pasta al sugo, so they decided to live in there. Don't be sad! Maybe they will go around the world in the future...

How is this possible?

Six months of empty toilet papers + tempera paint + rounded tip scissors = Hundreds of Rainbow Kats!



NOT FOR SALE: We want no money, Rainbow Kats are free spirits, Rainbow Kats fight against boring and scary public bathrooms and capitalism! Go Rainbow Kats, Go! Free our spirits! We love you Rainbow Kats! Oh Fabulous Rainbow Kats, please help us with you fabulous happy rainbow of happiness! Wooooh!



monokoma did not make this. yep. neither all those other nonsense projects. hwat?